2015 Mission Team Application

You may print this page and complete.  Then mail this to Kodiak Baptist Mission, 1944 Rezanof Dr. East, Kodiak, AK  99615 or fax it to (907) 486-5567.  Alternatively, you may click here to fill out a similar form and submit it electronically (on-line application).

Church Name:
Team Leader:  
Contact numbers:  
List in order (from 1-5) the dates you would prefer


Team One: June 1- June 12(booked)


Team Two: July 6 - July 17


Team Three: July27 - August 7(booked)


Team Four: August 17 - August 28

Team Fi ve: September 2 - September 11 (booked)
KBM is supported by mission partners from across the country and coming as a mission team is one of the ways that we can demonstrate first hand how this support is impacting Kodiak.  What is your group's past and present involvement with the Kodiak Baptist Mission?

Teams should come with some spiritual development goals in mind.  For example, your team might be interested in developing closer relationships and better fellowship with church members or you may be looking to raise your church's level of support/interest in missions.  Some groups may come to work and retreat while completing a specific study together.  What are the spiritual development goals for your group?


An important part of organizing a successful mission trip is recruiting a well rounded team, what are the skills represented by your team members?  Using the following skill categories, list each of your team members skills below.
Carpenter Teacher Landscaper
Plumber Contractor Architect
Mechanic Welder Str. Engineer
Electrician Cabinetmaker Painter
Carpet layer Drywaller Financial Auditor
Equipment Operator Concrete
Skill Name Years Experience

Skill Level


What other special skills and/or talents is your group bringing

You may use additional sheets to answer any of the questions.  Print the page then either fax it to KBM at (907)486-5567.
Or mail it to 1944 Rezanof Dr. East, Kodiak, AK  99615.