How You Can Help

In Person

Kodiak Baptist Mission relies on the elbow grease and expertise of people called by God to work as volunteers in missions. Whether your talent is woodworking, computers, caring for children, cooking, proposal writing, gardening, or any number of other possibilities, God can put your willing hands to work. Please call us at 907.486.4126 for more information or a volunteer application.

Through Prayer

Vital, living prayer is key to the healing of families and nations, the growing of God's family, and the furthering of Jesus in the world today. In prayer we commune one on one with our Creator. KBM would gratefully welcome being added to your daily prayer list and included in prayer groups and chains. We humbly ask for your prayers as we pray for you. Through Gifts

Kodiak Baptist Mission is supported by the financial and in-kind contributions of churches and other Christian organizations throughout the nation and the world. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated. We also have a need for contributions of goods or services related to the following items:

Shingle a Home
A 15 passenger van
Tires for vans and trucks (16")
A 15 horsepower outboard motor
Replacement windows for Doane cottage (McWhinnie & Ayer cottages are completed!)
Office and preschool supplies
Wire feed welder
Tools:  slide hammer, transit

You can support KBM through purchasing your Christian resources online at . KBM will receive a 10% commission on all purchases made using our affiliate link!

Check out this fast and easy way to give to Kodiak Baptist Mission every time you shop!

CLICK HERE! E-Script & E-Labels Informational Guide

Campbell’s Label Collection

Campbell’s Labels for Education is no longer accepting front panel product labels.  INSTEAD they are asking for individuals to clip and save UPCs and lids from participating Labels for Education Brands.They ask that the following steps be taken when preparing the UPCs and lids.First separate the following groups:

Paper UPCs worth 1 point each
Paper UPCs worth 5 points each
Lids worth 1 point each
Lids worth 5 points each (V8 Splash* beverages)
Bonus Certificates
Bonus Product UPCs (all Campbell’s* microwaveable soups, all Pepperidge*Farm
Goldfish* Crackers, and Campbell’s Supper* Bakes meal kits)

Only place UPCs in either a paper lunch bag or an envelope.Remember to keep 1 and 5 point UPCs separate. Write the quantity of UPCs and the point value on the paper lunch bag or envelope.Note! Do not use plastic bags, tape or staples when preparing your UPC submissions as these materials are not recyclable.


Group lids in quantities of no more than 100. Remember to keep 1 and 5 point lids separate. The lids should be counted and placed in sealed clear plastic bags or paper lunch bags. Write total quantity and total point value of lids on outside of plastic bag or paper lunch bag.

Bonus Certificates Place bonus certificates in either a paper lunch bag or an envelope and mark “bonus certificates”. Write total quantity and total point value of bonus certificates on each paper lunch bag or envelope.

Finally the labels, lids or bonus certificates are ready to be sent up to the Kodiak Baptist Mission.Campbell’s labels have been and continue to be a great way for KBM to receive resources to help with our growing programs.  We truly appreciate those who are dedicated to help minister in this way.  We look forward to continuing this effort and thank you that join with us.

For more information about the new preparation instructions visit