Kodiak Baptist Mission
1944 East Rezanof Drive
Kodiak, Alaska 99615

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KBM Heritage Center

Welcome to the Mission Heritage Center. Our facility is designed to serve a wide variety of functions with our spacious, ocean front meeting area, commercial kitchen, multipurpose gym and large outdoor space.





Complete Facility




Kitchen Alone




Alcohol Surcharge

+$ 400



Groups over 200






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Rental Spaces The complete facility can be rented or the kitchen can be rented independently according to the schedule above.

Special Rates Organizations needing special consideration on rates who would like to request a discount can do so through the Facilities Committee. KBM wants to encourage fledgling organizations with this support. We trust that established organizations will want to undergird the sustainability of KBM facilities by offering the full cost of use.

Decorating The use of stick pins, thumbtacks and tape is not permitted. Sticky tack and removable tacky fasteners are permitted.

Cleaning At the conclusion of the use of the Heritage Center facilities all areas should be picked up and put back into order. All decorations and items brought in by the renter are to be removed; refuse should be in trash cans and the basic cleaning done to the point of being readied for final vacuuming and moping. If the kitchen is rented it is to be thoroughly cleaned with all dishes washed and put away, surfaces wiped and floors mopped. Bathrooms should be picked up and readied for mopping.

Unfinished cleaning and/or damages will be paid for out of the deposit at a rate of $20/hr. Food supplies such as coffee, sugar and creamer are not part of the use agreement. Groups need to supply such items for themselves.

Deposit: The deposit check will be submitted upon reservation and returned upon approved clean up. Payment: Payments are due before scheduled event.