Camp Woody Scenery

The scenery in Kodiak and at Camp Woody is absolutely glorious! I wish these pictures could do justice to God's beautiful creation. Let's praise Him for creating such a wonderful place. Enjoy the spectacular Alaskan scenery through these pictures.

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Beach.jpg (49728 bytes) Beach on Woody Island. Photo by Matthew Jones
Beach2.jpg (45383 bytes) Another Beach on Woody Island. Photo by Matthew Jones
Building.jpg (52991 bytes) Old building. Photo by Matthew Jones
DevilsClub.jpg (70392 bytes) Devil's club plant. Photo by Matthew Jones
Forest.jpg (69563 bytes) Rain forests on Woody. Photo by Matthew Jones
Forest2.jpg (81526 bytes) More rain forests. Photo by Matthew Jones
Woody.jpg (75231 bytes) The town of Kodiak with Woody Island in background. Photo by Matthew Jones
3_sisters2.GIF (32902 bytes) View of Three Sisters mountains. Photo by Nathan Lambert
3_sisters.gif (28456 bytes) View of Three Sisters at sunset. Photo by Nathan Lambert
Hike_with_Lupin.GIF (47179 bytes) Campers hike through the Lupine. Photo by Nathan Lambert
sawmill_beach.GIF (30672 bytes) Sawmill beach. Photo by Nathan Lambert
lake.gif (24434 bytes) Canoeing on the lake. Photo by Nathan Lambert
barometer.GIF (12720 bytes) Barometer Mountain. Photo by Nathan Lambert

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