Camp Woody Staff

Camp Woody, like any other camp, needs a staff to run things. Camp Woody is a smaller camp and doesn't have a huge staff, but it is always great to see the way that God still uses His servants to minister to the youth of Kodiak. Specifically, the staff includes managers, program directors, counselors, and cooks. The board for the Kodiak Christian Retreat Center makes all the final decisions when selecting staff members. If you might be interested in such a job, be sure to respond through e-mail and let us know.

Camp Manager

The camp is run by a Camp Manager. This job includes all of the practical things that keep the camp up and running. Normal responsibilities that the managers (usually a retired couple) have are to ferry the staff and campers across the channel in the camp skiff, re-stock cleaning supplies, do basic repairs, and cut firewood. The manager position runs from late April through early September. There is a small stipend that is provided for this job, accommodation (a small apartment in the lodge), and food. This is a great opportunity to serve God through work and up-keep of Camp Woody.

Program Director

The program director position is also a key job at Camp Woody. This person (or usually a couple) is in charge of developing, training, and organizing counselors to provide the entire camp program. The job requires Christian camping leadership experience. The job runs for five weeks (usually from the first week in July through the first week in August) and provides an apartment in the lodge, food, and some help with travel expenses. This is probably the most influential position in the camp and has the biggest opportunity to affect young lives for Christ.

Camp Counselor

The counselor position provides an opportunity to directly affect young lives as you live, eat, and work together in an intimate camp setting. Counselors spend most of their time interacting with the campers, sleeping in cabins, and eating with them from Monday morning through Saturday morning each week. The counselor position is five weeks long and counsels for each of the age groups (3rd-12th...see the camper page) at Camp Woody. To be a counselor you need to be at least 18 years old and have graduated from high school. You also need to be in a growing relationship with Christ and have a heart to serve Him.

Camp Cook

The cook position is very important. Without him, we'd all go hungry. And so, the cook works hard every day during the camp week to provide three meals and a snack for the entire camp. (Usually 30-50 people total) Sometimes there is a chance to have an assistant cook. This job requires cooking experience and the willingness to serve God in the kitchen. The cook also needs to be at camp for five weeks.  The cook position is a volunteer position, includes lodging, meals, and some help with travel expense.

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