Heritage Farms & Ranch

At Heritage Farms, we teach kids to care for farm animals, grow farm produce, and see how a farm works. Kids learn where their food comes from and how it gets to us on our little island. We get a little dirty and have a lot of fun!

Heritage Farms is also home to our pioneer activities, where our kids are able to learn about traditional woods and camp crafts.

Our Farm Animals

As Heritage Farms grows, so does its population. Children can spend time around our chickens, goats, ducks, cow, horses, mule, and beloved Willow—our barn cat. Seeing the differences between these farm animals, the products they create, and how they interact with both other animals and humans is an experience kids adore because you simply can’t get in a classroom.

Kodiak Baptist Mission | Kodiak, AK | baby goat

Horse Program

Kodiak Baptist Mission | Kodiak, AK | horseback riding in Alaska

Our horses are all friendly and safe for kids. Not only do we teach children to care for horses, but we also teach them to be safe around such large creatures. Kodiak Baptist Mission teaches children to be respectful of animals and to treat them properly. There’s no better time to learn good practices than right when you’re starting out.

Heritage Farms Information

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