Grow personally, professionally, and spiritually by volunteering at Kodiak Baptist Mission. We offer positions for summer staff members and opportunities for extended mission trips. Both give you the chance to be discipled and encouraged in your journey as a follower of Christ while experiencing the beauty of Alaska.

Summer Volunteers

We are in search of energetic, Christian adults to spend their summer serving in an active ministry in Kodiak, Alaska. 

Anyone interested in changing the lives of children for the better is welcomed with open arms. 

Kodiak Baptist Mission | Kodiak, AK | horseback riding instructor

Serve & Be Served

Room and board are provided, along with access to vehicles for exploration. Teach during the day and explore in the evenings with hiking, kayaking, backpacking, mountain climbing, fishing, horseback riding, and more!

Mission Teams

Looking for a way to do good? Consider a mission trip to Kodiak, AK, with a group of twelve to fifteen people (larger groups are possible with plenty of advanced notice).

Kodiak Baptist Mission | Kodiak, AK | Alaska woods

What Will We Be Doing?

The specific tasks your group will work on can differ from season to season. We’re relying on your flexibility and adaptability to ensure that we can continue carrying out our mission, but we do have a few ideas! Painting is always a necessity; it involves working high off the ground and lots of prep work. Mowing and trimming plants, along with significant building projects and maintenance are also likely activities. If you have someone with a special skill, let us know!


Schedule & Meals

Each day begins at 8 a.m. with our morning prayer, then we jump right into the work projects. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and we finish up the day around 5 p.m. Dinner is served at 6 p.m. but special arrangements can be made. Often, the team will take an early day off to pursue an activity, or spend their free weekends experiencing whale watching, kayaking, hiking, and much more!

On the weekends, volunteers are expected to provide their own meals to give the cooking staff some rest, as well as cooking their own breakfasts in the mission houses during the week.


Mission teams are housed in the McWhinnie cottage and we will facilitate your residential needs. The main floor has a kitchen and dining area, living room, bathroom, and housing for twelve. There are three additional bathrooms available in the house. During the winter, this cottage houses our year-round staff. We reserve the right to host two teams at a time.

Arrival & Departure

Alaska Airlines and Ravn Aviation are the only airlines servicing Kodiak. It’s possible to take the State Ferry from Homer, AK, but that requires a trip from Anchorage and then an 8 to 12-hour boat ride.

Your team will have a reserved window to come to Kodiak, which will begin on a Monday and stretch twelve days following to Friday. Some teams come a day or two after that window or depart a day or two earlier than the last Friday—please do not arrive early or depart late. You may choose to come for a week, but we recommend the twelve-day trip.


You will be charged $15 per person per night. This includes lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, along with limited use of the mission’s vehicles and recreational amenities. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit no later than April 15, which will be applied to your account balance. The remainder must be paid upon arrival to KBM.

Other Questions

Do cell phones and phone cards work? Although there are a lot of dead areas, phones do get service.

What clothes should we bring? Plan to dress in layers. Good rain gear is suggested, along with fleeces underneath. Cottons are not recommended in cold wet climates, but we still wear them a lot. It rains about 50% of the time in Kodiak and the temperatures range from the mid 50s to high 70s. Expect cool nights and breezy days.

Should we bring food, how expensive is it there? Everything must be shipped from either Anchorage or Seattle, so expect food costs to be about 30% higher than average. We have three grocery stores, including a local bulk-buy.

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